St. Benedict’s Miracle Healing Service (pre meeting)9/14/13(God’s a Boss)

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Say what? All I gotta do is pray? HOLLA! I can do that!

This entry is my first, and I’ve been told I write like I talk…. so! Here we go!

First, I want to encourage everyone else to come with us and evangelize. It is NOT hard. Seriously. God uses all of our talents and personalities completely perfectly. God is gentle and mind-blowing at the same time. It is quite awesome to be in the middle of that, and an HONOR to serve my Lord.

Will there be doubts? Duh. (We do have an enemy)

Will you sometimes wonder if you said the right thing? Duh. (We are human)

Will your heart be filled with joy and will Mass and Adoration and community mean more to you than ever? DUH! We got the HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!

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Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel (Mk 16:15)

Recently I had the privilege of going on a three week mission trip to the countries of Madagascar and Zambia, in Africa. As I have reflected back on my experiences there, I have come up with two main themes: beauty and gratitude. Beauty, because during this whole trip I was struck by the landscapes, the people, and the simple, God-glorifying way of life of these poor people, who seem to hold so much joy in their hearts. And Gratitude, because it is the key to happiness, and the poor people there seemed to have it in spades, while I, like so many people in America, struggle with comparison and entitlement.  Continue reading

Amazing Grace

I love testimonies, and I assume that most Christians do, but the longer I am a Christian, the more I need to hear them (or read them). Testimony boosts my faith and faith as Pope Francis says, “is the strength of the soul!” In this season of life, with three little ones, I don’t get nearly as much quiet time, soul reflecting time… as I type this with one hand… one babe is napping, one is watching a show, and one is flailing on my lap. And it can be easy to simply put one foot in front of the other. We have set our lives up in such a way that we are positioned towards Christ, and yet it can be easy for me to practically live un-phased by the radical gospel call. So hearing these testimonies of healing at the mall, hearing Moe and others praying with people on the streets, hearing a new Christian talk so excitedly about his faith, even hearing Jen or Ryan’s testimony for the tenth time, I never cease to be profoundly uplifted.

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