Healing on the Soccer Field

It seems God has given the ChristLife Young Adults a gift for healing injured knees!  My knee has been healed by my brother John Paul, Mike and I prayed over a young girl’s knee in Columbia Mall which was instantly healed, and today I was blessed to pray for a teammate of mine and see her healed through God’s love.  Christ’s amazing power never ceases to amaze me.

Soccer is my favorite sport, and I play recreationally on a team with other adults (mostly young), many of whom I think are Christian, but not overly active in their faith.  All of the people on my soccer team are very nice.  But Christ showed his love for us in that while we were still sinners he died for us (Romans 5:8), and God shows his mercy on all of his children.  While we were playing today, one of the girls on our team injured her knee to the point where she could no longer play.  She had mildly injured it a few minutes before and was not running 100%, but then after a second collision she heard a pop and had to sit and slide off the side of the field – this happened about 10 minutes before half time.  This girl is a very good player, and is no wimp, so there was no faking or milking it on her part.  After sitting for a few minutes, she was able to hobble around to the other side of the field (cleat and shinguard off her left foot) to where our team was seated.  At half time everybody was asking about the condition of her leg out of concern.  Her knee was in pain, particularly in the middle [of the hamstring?] in the back.  She could stand, but could not lock her leg or put her full weight on it because of the pain.

I felt the Spirit gently urging me, so right there in front of everyone at half, I asked, “Sam, have you ever heard of the gift of healing?”  She said no.  I explained, “You know how Christ’s apostles would pray over people and they would be healed?  I have done that.  If you like, I could pray over your leg for you.”  I mentioned my experience at the mall, and she said, “Yes, I would love that.”  Probably partially to cover myself from embarrassment, but also to explain the truth, I cheerfully said, “I’m not promising anything, because it’s all up to God’s will whether or not people are healed.”  Then I asked if I could kneel in front of her knee.

While she stood, I knelt down and prayed out loud, careful not to touch her knee since she was wearing shorts.  When I finished, she said, “Thank you, that was beautiful.”  Interestingly, I was just praying from the heart, and my prayer did not strike me as the most eloquent I have ever spoken, but I appreciated it all the same. With a smile I immediately replied, “You’re welcome.  How does it feel?”  She started to smile and said, “It feels a lot better.”  The more she put her weight on it and stretched it in different directions, the more she started to glow.  It is so wonderful to see the joy that Christ brings when he brings healing into peoples’ lives.  She began to thank me and continued trying all sorts of positions for her knee.  I made sure to direct all thanks to God, how amazing He is!  Her knee was not 100% – there was still a little bit of tension above her kneecap, but it was far better she said.  She could put all of her weight on it and lock it in place, and she opted to not receive more prayer.  We talked a little bit about the young girl in the mall, and I told her she could tell her friends she had experience a miracle.  By then it was almost time for me to sub back into the game; half time had ended, so only about half of my team got to witness the end of the prayer and the resultant healing.  Regardless, God’s endless love had made my day!  I love how He works anywhere!  And my soccer team went on to win 4 – 2.  :)


One thought on “Healing on the Soccer Field

  1. Zack,
    Your public witness of faith is inspirational! It is so refreshing and inspiring to see young adults who work hard, play hard also have such a strong commitment to faith. Mother Teresa once said, “Before you speak, it is necessary for you to listen, for God speaks in the silence of the heart.” I believe your prayer came from your heart. It was beautiful because you listened. From a person who works with Sunday School, I can only trust (with a whole lot of faith and just as much prayer) that the Holy Spirit will continue to grow and be active in the hearts of my PreK-Grade 6 children as they are shaped by their families, friends, and society. The hope? They will embrace Jesus as a friend and follow the invitation to follow all he stood for. We say, “Yeah God!” a lot. May they be an inspiration, source of comfort, and a voice of God to others as you were in the mall and on the soccer field. I have seen the face of God; I have looked into your eyes.

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