Say what? All I gotta do is pray? HOLLA! I can do that!

This entry is my first, and I’ve been told I write like I talk…. so! Here we go!

First, I want to encourage everyone else to come with us and evangelize. It is NOT hard. Seriously. God uses all of our talents and personalities completely perfectly. God is gentle and mind-blowing at the same time. It is quite awesome to be in the middle of that, and an HONOR to serve my Lord.

Will there be doubts? Duh. (We do have an enemy)

Will you sometimes wonder if you said the right thing? Duh. (We are human)

Will your heart be filled with joy and will Mass and Adoration and community mean more to you than ever? DUH! We got the HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!

First, we prayed with a homeless dude. He just got off drugs, went to Helping Out Mission in Baltimore, had 4 teeth, was hungry, joyful and prayed with us. Mo bought him a sandwich. This was after I was getting frustrated with God for not giving us a parking space fast enough. =) Turns out… God knows what He’s doing! And apparently, so does Andy. (Sorry for all the backseat driving and the random Signs of the Cross I was doing!)

Then there was this guy- we had a moment- he thought he knew me, I thought I knew him, he was drunk and fell off his bike. I let him believe that we were acquainted. Yep- sinned in the middle of evangelizing. Why? Cause I’m human! And guess what?? God forgave me, turned it around, and kept us moving.

Then we went down to the wharf/pier. It was dark, a bit lonely, had a sort of gloomy atmosphere. I asked, “Where are all the people?” He gave us some!

First, two girls and a guy. They were in a bit of a dark place- spiritually and physically. We asked if we could pray with them/for them, and one girl thought it was a bit much for her and asked us to step out of her bubble. Apparently Zach and Brian G. found them later and were able to pray off to the side for them. =)

Then, we walked down some more. Caught the eyes of two Jamaican men who were sitting with a British dude. Andy, Mo and I walked down to the end of the pier. We watched the lights. We were silent. I said, “Those guys- back there. They caught my eye.” They agree, said they had seen them too and we went. AND THE ADVENTURE STARTED!!!

British guy- drunk. Wants to “pray” but doesn’t know what he’s praying to so decided to talk a lot. Some of the topics that came up- Who/what is God, why doesn’t God change the past, Confession, the Eucharist, and everything in between. Mo and Andy patiently answered his questions and let him talk and answer most of his own questions. I chilled with the two Jamaican dudes… one of them was raised Catholic, the other wasn’t. They brought up the topic of sin. I was able to use my testimony with Gemma to witness to all three. I encouraged the one who was Catholic to go to church and see a priest, because he said he felt his soul was dead. The other one got up and walked away for a bit (I thought he was on his phone!). Turns out he had to think some- apparently the topic of hell and heaven had never really entered his mind before. It kind of blew his mind. He wanted to pray for us. =)

I prayed for them at Mass today- hopefully at least one of them made it. The whole prodigal son message is perfect. Then we reconvened, and some beautiful young men came up asking for some weed. We offered prayer instead. One asked for strength to bring Christ into the world and for people to follow Christ (he was a believer and listens to 95.1 all the time). The other wanted hope and change, and the third wanted protection and courage. We prayed together in a circle, holding hands, in the middle of the courtyard at Fells Point. It was absolutely beautiful.

In the end, God used each and every one of us in a very specific way. We all have our weaknesses, we are all sinners, and yet God says “Yep, you! Go tell them how much I love them.”

In addition- Father John reminded us the next day of the time in the Bible when Jesus had sent out His disciples. When they came back with their report, Jesus told them He had seen Satan fall out of the sky like lightning. Turns out, he doesn’t always rule the air. And all we have to do is PRAY. (Fasting is also highly recommended) More on that later!

Every single person in Christlife can do this. COME! PLUS- it’s a TON of fun. I was my usual quirky self, and cracking up half the time.


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