St. Benedict’s Miracle Healing Service (pre meeting)9/14/13(God’s a Boss)

When you start your day off with the Eucharist you know its going to be a great day.  So me, Zack and Brian Gray had just got done with the Shrine service day and in a press for time had to go straight to St.Benedict’s to meet with Bob Sawyer and some others about the up coming Miracle Healing service. The meeting went well and Somehow before it was even over we had a few older folks telling us about injuries they where struggling with. (Jesus) so when we got done we proceeded to pray with three of these people the first lady we prayed over was Cocoa who had a brace on both knees and her left ankle..because of her age if I’m not mistaken she was not healed physically but I know the prayer helped her in her walk with Christ!

Next however was her husband Dean who was a deacon and because of a fall down his garage steps with a hand full of tools he could no longer genuflect as his knee came straight down on the concrete floor! So Zack taking the lead on this prayer as me and Brian interceded asked through the Blood of Jesus Christ that this man be healed, we finished and he genuflected in pain…but it didn’t hurt as bad as before so knowing what God was up to we told him we wanted 100%.  Again asking God, the man got up and trying again with great joy had no pain thanks to Jesus Christ!!!

Next was Lynn who had a baker’s cyst burst in her knee and was left with a lot of swelling and pain this time I led the prayer with Zack and Brian’s intercession doing the same as we had just done when we had ended the prayer the swelling was still there however she stood up and with the JOY of Jesus Christ in her heart began smiling, giggling, and dancing with NO pain!

It’s a TRUE HONOR to be used by God To do amazing things and ANYONE can do them with enough faith because it is 100% GOD who does them! ….funny thing is He’s just pre gamin for for the real thing on Oct. 6/13 (GOD IS A BOSS!) ……your boy in Christ, Vincent D’Ambrosio


3 thoughts on “St. Benedict’s Miracle Healing Service (pre meeting)9/14/13(God’s a Boss)

  1. Wish I could be there. What amazing work God is doing through that ministry—thanks to all you fellas for keeping your hearts open and letting God work through you. :o)

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