Miracle Healing Service 10/6/13 – Video Evidence

Jesus said in John 20:29, “Blessed are those who have not seen but have believed,” but sometimes it is just awesome to see. :)

This video gives evidence corresponding to the post I wrote a while ago, Miracle Healing Service 10/6/13.  The first segment of the video is from Bob’s previous healing service at St. Matthew’s; the sound quality gets much better in the second part.  Bob and the ministry team (which includes me, Brian, Vinny, and Mike from CLYA) video record the miracle healing services to use as tools to build faith; it takes a long time to be released because we want to verify that people are okay with being recorded and we want to follow up on their status.  We are still following up with some individuals from the miracle healing service (MHS), so I present to you only the things that we know – basically, how things went down that day.  The next MHS is January 26!  Praise be to God for everything he has done for the people who attended and the good works he will continue to do until the day of Christ Jesus!


4 thoughts on “Miracle Healing Service 10/6/13 – Video Evidence

  1. Wonderful Testimonies! Thank you Lord for continuing to heal so many! Thank you for this team and for Christ Life! I ask your special blessing for the vision, work and missions of 2014 and that you open doors for the word and the work to increase to your glory and praise! In Jesus mighty name, Amen

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