Christmas Caroling with St. Benedict Parish


Our fourth annual Christmas Caroling with St. Benedict’s began as we gathered in the parking lot of St. Benedict’s. From there we would begin our day of caroling for the parish and surrounding community by singing for our brothers and sisters gathered at the parish and receiving a blessing from Bishop Madden. It is always a blessing to see the joy on the faces of the many people who gather at St. Benedicts on this day each year. Fr. Paschal had been suffering from a cough so a handful of us decided to pray over him as we were praying over him he was healed of the cough and later told us that he had not coughed since being prayed over, Praise God! From there we went out into the streets of west Baltimore singing for residents in the neighborhood. This is always a moving and uplifting experience for all involved. This year there were many excited children, although I’m not sure if it was more so for our singing or for the cookies! One woman we sang for was even moved to tears. At the end of the day we gathered back at St. Benedict’s to enjoy a delicious meal together. A few good men helped carry racks and boxes downstairs before sitting down for the evening meal. Below are a few photos from the dayImageImageImage


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