20140102_215428It was the 2nd day of the year and it was snowing hard and Men’s Group was AWESOME! We had all been worshiping and at one point in worship Zack said I feel there maybe a homeless guy over in that shopping market and we need to take him shopping or something? ……….buuut we proceeded to finish mens group because he and I were praying over people left and right (our boys in Christ).  So afterwards we all talked for a little while, but I had brought my boy John Mercier and he had to leave so he proceeded out the door ahead of me. When I got out to the driveway he was at the bottom of the driveway talking to someone. Because I’m about 7 years old I ran down the driveway and rocked him in the shoulder with a snowball because it was some crazy good worship and I was all jacked up on the Holy Spirit! But it didn’t really faze him and then I realized it wasn’t one of our boys he was talking to, it was some random guy that he knew from a sinful past. The guy’s name was Pete and as I hopped in the conversation, John was sportin the “disciple” – if you will – tellin him about the Lord and how good He is.  Long story short, after talking with him we asked if we could pray with him and he was super open to it. As we laid hands on him in the snow on the side of the road we began to pray over him. When we finished praying he fell to his knees with his hands out in awe of the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit that had descended on all of us. Because John knew him he led the prayer, so when Pete was on his knees eyes closed and hands out I looked at John and mouthed the words commitment prayer. And so John asked him have you ever said the prayer of commitment to ask the Holy Spirit to come into your heart Pete? NO NO Lets pray it he responded, so as we led him through it he asked Christ to come into his heart and hugged us both and said “I was on my way to buy a 10 bag of weed and I don’t even want to smoke,” and so encouraging him he went home and it was then that we realized that we just prayed with the homeless guy Zack was talking about: His heart had not yet found a home in Christ and he was shoppin for a 10 bag of weed, and the power of the Holy Spirit led us out there at the exact moment He needed us to! GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!

Some of the guys saw us outside and started taking photos jokingly before they realized what was going on:



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