God Had Other Plans

     Last month, I went to a charismatic healing service, not expecting anything concrete but was transformed.  I arrived very late, happy to be there, but also a little hesitant.  Ever since I was a child, I believed anything is possible with God, however there was a burden in my life that I believed was simply my cross to bear.  However, God had other plans!

     Shortly after I was settled in my pew, I heard Dr. Sawyer calling for people to rise who wanted healing for something that has been in my life for a long time.  That was not why I came to the healing service; however, I rose.  Then, while my friend prayed over me, I began to weep.  Another lady came over, and she prayed as well.  Suddenly I felt a strong warmth spread over my head, I became weak and knew that I needed to kneel.  This was not in my plan, but God shared a beautiful word for me with my friend.  When she revealed it to me, I knew.  I knew then that God desired to heal me from this affliction and that He will do so.  Praise be to God!

     Later, I went to some of my other friends for prayer.  There was some muscular tension in my shoulder and neck area where I wanted healing.  At first, nothing really happened.  Then they decided to keep praying.  Then, I became overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit.  I became very warm and was starting to feel faint.  So I quickly got to a chair.  God revealed Himself to me.  He came in a vision clothed in white and wearing the crown of thorns.  At first, He was carrying me.  Then He gradually put me down, and we walked beside each other.  It was beautiful walking with Jesus on the beach beside the ocean.  He told me that He will always be by my side, even when I cannot see Him.  He also said that I would fall again, but that He would be right there to pick me back up.  Quietly He faded, and I walked a little distance, then slowly came back into the reality of the Church where I was sitting in my chair.

     Since then, I have often been reminded of how we respond during the Stations of the Cross, “…because, by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world.” 

Praise You Jesus,

Love You Jesus,

Thank You Jesus.


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