30 Seconds of Intercession

Can God change your life in 30 seconds?  He did mine.  It only took 30 seconds of two people praying over me before I experienced such an overwhelming sense of peace that I laid back and spent the next 5-10 minutes basking in God’s love for me.  In that time His love became more personal and relational than I’d ever experienced before as He eliminated previously insurmountable barriers I had put up between myself and his love.

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One month since my Confirmation and First Holy Communion

I was asked to write something about my Confirmation into the Catholic Church so here I am! It has been one month since the big day and I still have not had enough time to process it by any means! There are so many beautiful things about the sacrament of Confirmation that all the sacraments have in common but two things I wanted to talk about in this little blurb… Continue reading