The Mid Atlantic Congress (Forming Catholic Leaders for Faith-filled Service)

Being asked to speak at the MAC alongside Pete and Jen was a huge honor for me. It was one of many opportunities I’ve been given to share my testimony of how I encountered God’s unconditional love. The theme of our session was Igniting Faith: Young Adults Share Stories of Conversion and Evangelization. We each had an opportunity to share our testimonies which though diverse share the same truth of conversion through God’s unconditional love. We each shared about our own personal experiences with evangelizing both being evangelized and evangelizing others. We discussed the questions of how do we help young adults who’ve distanced themselves from faith, experience conversion? And, how do we engage faithful young adults in the mission of evangelization? And not only our story but the story of a community of young adults (CLYA) in the Archdiocese of Baltimore that is helping young adults experience conversion and share in the Church’s mission of evangelization. One thing I’ve come to expect before sharing my testimony or evangelizing is spiritual warfare. The devil tries so hard to discourage and prevent us from sharing our faith. Prayer, scripture and support of community are essential in combating these attacks. I must admit that I get butterflies every time but in the end after all is said and done the response is always positive. God always provides the words to speak and open minds, ears and hearts ready to receive what God wants to give.


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