An Abundance of Gifts


Driving to the ChristLife retreat I felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement. The parts of me that were nervous were operating under an old system based on fears from past retreats. The parts of me that were excited were the voices of truth longing for and believing I could have new and better retreat experiences. Even though I was nervous I really wanted to attend the retreat. I am so grateful I did because the weekend became a huge blessing.

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Encountering the Light



Two weeks ago I participated in an event called “Encounter the Light.” The purpose of “Encounter the Light” was to provide the opportunity for people to have an encounter with the Lord by coming to spend time with him through quiet time, reflection, and prayer. This opportunity was made available because Holy Cross Church in Federal Hill opened their doors on a Saturday night from 9pm – midnight.  I heard about this event through ChristLife, the young adult group I am a member of. The idea sounded neat to me and since I like new experiences and the faith I wanted to see what this “Encountering the Light” was all about. Continue reading