The Holy Spirit and Dog Food.

There’s this homeless guy who hangs out near Weis market near my work. I’ve seen him a bunch of times. Most of the time, he has this beautiful, dirty labrador with him. The first time I saw him with the dog, I thought, I really wish I had cash, or at least dog food, to give this man and this poor dog. Continue reading


My Retreat Experience. Or “Stop.Listen.Be.Still”


God is calling me to be still.  And its probably the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted to do in my Journey with Jesus (JwJ).  I mean, even my example picture for this post is the ocean!  The ever-moving, changing, active, lively, OCEAN.  Tranquility, relaxation, peacefulness, are all perhaps associated with sitting on a beach, staring out at a beautiful sunset on the ocean… but stillness?  You can see, I have a lot of work to do.  Maybe this message came just in time

And it just so happens, I received this message to be still– and got to practice– at Christ Life’s annual retreat a few weeks ago.  Coming into the retreat, I knew next to no one (I’m what we would call a newbie, in this fabulous bunch-o-peoples).

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