He Showed me My Heart

Reflections from a Haiti Mission Trip

This past March I had an opportunity to leave my work and school projects to go to Haiti for a week long service trip, with a small group of people mainly from the Baltimore area. I took the opportunity, even though I knew it would be difficult managing my work before and after the trip. I gave it to God, as something told me it would be blessed and life-giving.

Unlike past Haiti service trips (I have gone twice before), this time around I felt like I was able to be truly present (not thinking of work or people back in the U.S.). I was given the grace to remain in the present, which enabled me to connect with people and pray in a much more tangible way. I walked into this experience with the prayer: “Lord, I am here, make of this what you want it to be.” What the Lord showed me blew me away.

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Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel (Mk 16:15)

Recently I had the privilege of going on a three week mission trip to the countries of Madagascar and Zambia, in Africa. As I have reflected back on my experiences there, I have come up with two main themes: beauty and gratitude. Beauty, because during this whole trip I was struck by the landscapes, the people, and the simple, God-glorifying way of life of these poor people, who seem to hold so much joy in their hearts. And Gratitude, because it is the key to happiness, and the poor people there seemed to have it in spades, while I, like so many people in America, struggle with comparison and entitlement.  Continue reading