Doers of the Word, Not Just Hearers

It started with a visit to Nissan. I was only there because it had looked like I had won a brand new 2016 Nissan Altima as claimed by their “instant win game” which landed in my mailbox. It was really a lure to get me to try and buy their older, preowned vehicles.  I found I had gotten at least something out of this instant win game: a lottery ticket with a prize worth two bucks. Continue reading


Jason’s Personal Testimony

I was born and raised Catholic in an all-Catholic family.  We went to church every week and knew to always strive to do what is right.  There was a very serious problem though: I only understood things about God at a very basic level. Notably, I did not understand why God was so important and didn’t have a deep enough understanding about the importance of Jesus’ victory on the cross. I also believe I just wasn’t well-taught in Sunday School nor in my family how Jesus wants a relationship with each and every one of us; a father to child relationship. I also didn’t know that I needed to respond to that relationship. Beyond that, during all my school years (including college), my understanding of love was limited as well as immature.

Accepted into UMBC, I figured college had to be my time to shine; my time to find someone I would marry and my time to become successful.  That was on my mind more than God was.  I was also getting added stress from family to find someone. After all, my brother and sister went to college and during their time in college, they both found their significant others. Now, it was my turn. As I reflect on my college days however, I came to realize that in grade school and in college, with respect to things like dating, I had been progressing all that time on a thin line between lust and sensuality. I understood pornography and premarital sex were wrong in the Church, and I didn’t engage in either or these practices, but I still struggled with things like impure thoughts as well as what marriage really was.
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