A prisoner who stood for us

John 15:13  No one has greater love than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

There are many ways to lay down your life for others.  Two weeks ago when we were finally able to visit MCI-J, our first prison for prison ministry, again after being locked out for almost two months, we learned the story of an inmate who put himself in harm’s way for our sake and the sake of a respectful environment. Continue reading


They call it Happy Valley

Penn State University and the surrounding town of State College, PA will always hold a special place in my heart.  God shaped my life dramatically during the four years I spent at college there, and several weekends ago when I went back to visit April 11-13, He changed my life yet again with another major moment that shot right to the heart of my discerning becoming a Catholic priest.


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What Comes First?

There are many things I could write about for the first blog post to go on the CLYA testimonies journal.  I have been miraculously healed, I have prayed over others who have been miraculously healed, I have seen people weep tears of joy as others have prayed over them, I have seen prophetic words touch peoples’ hearts, I have felt a “Holy Spirit haymaker” (as one of my friends likes to put it), and I have given out “Holy Spirit haymakers” through God’s grace.  All of these things are amazing signs of the Holy Spirit at work in Christ’s Church, and many stories related to these topics and even more astounding active experiences will be shared in time.  But for this first post, I want to call attention to the power that is present in love, especially as seen through forgiveness – an action that is often viewed by our culture as being so passive that it is outdated and unnecessary. Continue reading