Spreading the Good Word

Greetings brothers and sisters last night I attended street evangelization and although much of the night turned out to be confused looks and no thanks or sarcasm there were others that accepted our worship most importantly this older lady that I approached whom my group had a long conversation with. She had been having dinner with her friend for his birthday and he is in his third battle of cancer and will not be around very long. She is a catholic and was confused why he didn’t believe in God. Although faithful she wasn’t for sure about heaven and hell so my group started talking to her about what has been said about after life and really opened her eyes after a wonderful talk we had to remind her we were there to pray if she would still like to and as we were about to a gentleman she was friends with approached us and he had many intentions he would like to pray for so we all held hands in a circle and after prayer she was so blessed she had felt electricity throughout her.  She hugged us all and was amazed that after numerous counts of trying to find a parking spot and losing her keys in her purse that us three young adults were going around on a Saturday night to pray and that God had blessed us with the gift of meeting and touching her life. This account opened my eyes like never before my heart was completely opened and my eyes filled with tears, and I now understand the meaning of spreading the good word. God bless you all.


30 Seconds of Intercession

Can God change your life in 30 seconds?  He did mine.  It only took 30 seconds of two people praying over me before I experienced such an overwhelming sense of peace that I laid back and spent the next 5-10 minutes basking in God’s love for me.  In that time His love became more personal and relational than I’d ever experienced before as He eliminated previously insurmountable barriers I had put up between myself and his love.

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